Date your mate “it isn’t about the place or the plan, it’s about the person”

Tuesday & Thai

Tuesday & Thai

Kyle and I spend our Tuesday nights “dating” one another. We enjoy Tuesday for several reasons; we enjoy conversation, an opportunity to get reacquainted, catch up on things that went on during the week, and a place that is conducive to making our evening “special” in that regard.
One of the key ingredients for a great evening and to satisfy our desire for a particular ambiance is our choice of where we dine…. One of our favorite types of cuisine is authentic Thai. We have been to several places in Richmond and surrounding cities.

Chadar Thai Restaurant on W. Broad St is our Favorite. The food is fantastic. The owners are very personable and we always receive a warm welcome. Chadar is a very casual, small restaurant tucked away in a strip mall. Family friendly, comfortable temperatures and a quiet setting that allows chatter in small or large groups.

The Thai Room is also on our radar for a great meal. The overall dating experience is better at The Thai Room because the Asian décor is very inviting, and if you get an opportunity to sit outside in the garden area I recommend that rather than sitting on the inside. The menu is priced a touch higher than that of Chadar Thai Restaurant, however the décor and ambiance makes it worth the tad increase in the price of the meal.

Finally I recommend Alex’s Thai Restaurant on 17th and main. Let me explain….
Alex’s Thai Restaurant is downtown Richmond across the street from the farmers market, it is down the street from the Richmond cigar factory, around the corner from the train station, up the street from the aqua lounge and so on! Our last visit to Alex’s Thai Restaurant was mediocre at best if I were rating the restaurant alone. They were out of most of the wine choices on the menu, the meal was not what I expected at all, portions were much smaller than any other Thai restaurant that I have experienced and the service, well I GUESS they expected company. LOL

Ironically I really enjoyed myself in this environment. We laughed uncontrollably at the service that we received, took over the restaurant while taking selfies, (you have to know me to understand) we enjoyed the people watching while sitting at the huge picture window, and continued to laugh and play like teenagers as we planned where we would stroll in order to walk off dinner. All things considered I really enjoyed our time at Alex’s restaurant on 17th & main.

While dating your mate, never make it about the “place” or the “plan”; make it about the “person”. Enjoy your mate, make it your mission to be present, and everything else will come together nicely.

Alex’s Thai Cuisine
Chadar Thai Restaurant
The Thai Room

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I enjoy going to Chadar Thai Restaurant as well. I Went there for lunch, enjoyed the atmosphere and the owners were great.


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